New Years Resolutions 2018


Well I’ve hit that point again, looking back over the most amazing moments of the past year and seeing whether I hit my new years resolutions. The hard thing about writing them down on the blog is you judge yourself if you failed 12 months later, but I think I’ve actually managed to hit a good few of them, phew!

Below were the resolutions I set last year:


So all in all it was a great year for myself, both from a career and a personal perspective. I can’t help but think what could have been with the vlogging, but it’s stupid to look back with regret. I’d rather learn from it and work even harder next year to make the blog a success. Below are my new years resolutions for 2018.


  1. Build Instagram account to 15,000
  2. Go to Traverse in Rotterdam for a week of travel events
  3. Build Twitter account to 30,000
  4. Visit Sri Lanka
  5. Build the YouTube channel and get 100 subscribers
  6. Be featured on TV
  7. Go on a press trip
  8. Increase Spaghetti Traveller organic traffic by 15% year-on-year
  9. Build birthday website
  10. Build feed-a-sausage campaign
  11. Take a video editing course
  12. Save at least £500 per month
  13. Run the Bubble Football World Cup
  14. Go to the dentists
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