Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, arranging a team building experience for your office or simply looking for a weekend activity, Brighton offers a wealth of options, both active and relaxing.

I have tried to list the best activities available, but please do let me know if you can think of any that should make the list.

I’ve fortunately had the good fortune to try these activities and experiences out, but if you have any questions about them, please feel free to get in touch.

1) Walk Through The North Laine


The North Laine has some unbelievable and unique shops which you should certainly check out on your visit to Brighton.

If you walk down from the station along Trafalgar Street, you should turn when you get to Sydney Street (look out for the Mad Hatters store).

From this first point, you will quickly see one of the first highlights, being ‘To Be Worn Again’. This two-floor store has some truly unique looking clothes, much of it appearing from the 60’s/70’s.

For any vaping or smoking friends, you’ll find Smokers Heaven just close by, before you reach We Love Falafel, an incredibly popular place for lunch.

Further along this street you will also find the legendary clothes store Dirty Harry, comic book dream Dave’s Comics, plus Bonsai Ko, where you can pick up an exotic plant.

If you then head onto Kensington Gardens, you’ll find a brilliant pub called The White Rabbit, as well as another To Be Worn Again, the peculiar artefacts of Snoopers Paradise and plenty of juggling gear in Oddballs. Bert’s is a cool shop to look for gifts for someone’s birthday or for some odd utensils for the kitchen as well.

My favourite restaurant of the North Laine is a bit of a hidden gem, the Balcony Café on Kensington Gardens, offering a number of your favourite meals from childhood, plus some incredible milkshakes.

Cost: Free

Address: Enter at Kensington Place, BN1 4EJ

2) Royal Pavilion


The Royal Pavilion is a Grade I listed building right in the heart of the city, surrounded by beautiful gardens which are worth relaxing in and having a picnic during the summer months.

The Royal Pavilion is also home to a number of highly lucrative items that were stored in Buckingham palace, but are being stored here in Brighton while building and decorative work takes place.

In the winter, you will also find the ice skating rank setup, which is perfect if you want to get into the festive mood.

Cost: Free in the gardens, £18 for access to the building.

Address: Pavilion Building, BN1 1EE

3) Komedia


Nothing beats live stand-up comedy! I love a live show, while they also have some decent grub and a bar on hand so you can tick a few things off at once. The bar is heavily overpriced, however this is to be expected when seeing live entertainment. Check their ‘What’s On‘ list for potential ideas and events.

We often get ourselves a GroupOn deal for Thursday’s, set for two people and includes a meal for you both.

Cost: Normally around £17, or £29 if including a meal

Address: 44 Gardner street, BN1 1UN

4) The Rockery


The Rockery is located right alongside Preston Park, across Preston road, but it is seen as an absolute hidden gem in Brighton!

It was landscaped back in 1935, with a waterfall dripping down towards a pond filled with fish and frogs. You can also walk along the rocks to walk over the pond, before going up the pathways so you can get views of the entire city.

There are numerous different flowers growing, while there is also a flat area where you can sit down and enjoy a picnic, but please clean up after yourself.

Cost: Free

Address: Alongside Preston Park, BN1 6DQ

5) The Lanes


Not to be confused with the North Laine (no seriously, locals hate it when you confuse the two), the Lanes has a number of jewellery stores, swanky cafes and winding alleyways.

Unfortunately, the best shop in the Lanes (Choccywoccydoodah) has shut down, but you can have plenty of fun just walking through the Lanes and I’d recommend a stop-off at the Duck House to pick up a rubber ducky!

Cost: Free, unless you buy something

Address: You might want to enter from North Street, via Riddle & Finns at BN1 1HB

6) The Pier

2p Machines On The Pier

Forget computer games and virtual reality, something is truly magical about those 2p machines. Maybe its just an early gambling addiction, but it is way too much fun! Plus, even if you chance up a pound, those 2p’s still last quite a while, providing you actually win a few goes.

There are also a number of rides at the end of the Pier. Local tip, if you go online, you can buy a wrist band so you get unlimited rides for the day. This cost around £20pp, while each ride is around £4, so after 5 rides, you’ve covered your cost. Me and Raquel have regularly done this and gone on the Waltzer a dozen times.

Cost: Free (but bring the 2p’s)

Address: Madeira Drive, BN2 1TW

7) Brighton Food Tour

Brighton food tour

We absolutely loved our time on the Brighton Food Tour, it lasted a few hours (3 hours from memory), while they took us around to a number of local, independent stores.

The food and drinks were incredible, while the store owners talked through their produce, before offering you some to try. It always feels nice to support a small business, while the food is so much better, made fresh that day.

Cost: £60pp

Address: You start around the Pavilion Gardens

8) Cycle Along The Front

When lockdown kicked in, we had to find some activities to try so that we could get out of the house for 30-60 minutes, so we didn’t go insane.

We quickly got hooked to hiring a bike and going exploring. The bike rentals are incredibly easy, all done via an app. You can also avoid the dangerous roads and go all the way along the undercliff path to Saltdean, crossing through Rottingdean. In the other direction, you can go on the cycle path to Hove, making quite a lengthy stretch.

Cost: Downbload the Beryl BTN BikesShare app, 15p per minute & £1 unlocking fee

9) Have A Drink At The Zip Bar


So many people grab a drink at the bars along the seafront, largely not offering much in regards to views, while they’re overpriced and overcrowded.

However, the Zip Bar seems to slip people by, with the upstairs often with tables available and with stunning views of the Pier.

Having a drink up here will get you in the holiday mood, even if you live here! Seriously, I felt like I was on holiday and I’d lived here for 15 years.

Cost: Free to access

Address: Madeira Drive, BN2 1TB (to the left of the Pier)

10) Brighton Zip

brighton zip

A relatively new attraction to the city, Brighton now has its very own zip wire, complete with a rooftop bar. I have a massive fear of heights, but if your legs don’t turn to jelly when you’re up high then this could be the daredevil activity for you.

It will take you along 300 metres of the beach and is based near the pier, meaning you will have some stunning views to look out at, while it opens at 10am and shuts at 9pm.

Cost: £18

Address: Madeira Drive, BN2 1TB (to the left of the Pier)

11) Admire The Street Art

I have written an article on the Brighton graffiti, and by Graffiti, I don’t mean the tagging which plagues the city. I mean the truly incredible pieces of art that coat several walls.

The creativity of many of these artists is unbelievable, while I had the good fortune of meeting a few of them and chatting about their work, as well as getting to see the Bruno piece through each step of the process.

The best pieces can be found on Trafalgar Lane, but there are so many spots around the city, it becomes a bit of an Eye-Spy game.

Cost: Free

Address: Trafalgar lane, BN1 4ES

12) Upside Down House


Truly disorientating, the Upside Down House is located on the seafront, near to the I360, meaning you can tick both off in quick succession.

The Upside Down House has a number of rooms (as you’d expect in a house), all offering great photo opportunities. My tip would be to ask the staff to take a photo of you, as they’re better at getting the right angles, considering they spend all day here and they’re trained at this.

The entry is cheap, albeit you will complete it all very quickly, so don’t expect to be kept busy for long.

Cost: £6.95pp

Address: 42 Kings Road Arches, BN1 2LN

13) Alcotraz Themed Cocktails


I have fallen in love with immersive experiences, you’re basically part of a play as it takes place right around you, with characters coming up to you and roleplaying with you. Maybe it’s the wannabe actor in me that loved this, or the cocktails kicking in, but I had so much fun.

Set as Alcotraz prison, you’re all prisoners, guided by the guards and the prison warden to your cell with your group of friends. You do have to bring along your own booze, which is a bit frustrating, but they then mix it up for you in the back and create your drinks.

Cost: £33.99pp

Address: 13 Kings Road, BN1 1NE

14) Play Games At The World’s End Arcade


The World’s End is a pub found at the top end of London Road, but it is far from just a pub. Inside, you will find virtual reality games at the back, as well as an escape rooms, but it is upstairs where the true fun happens.

Along with plenty of retro arcade games setup, you will find a huge racing course. You can have up to 16 players, with a commentator setting everyone up and talking through the race. It costs £3 for a single race, but I will easily go on a couple of times with my mates.

Cost: Free entry, but £3 for the racing game

Address: 60 London Road, BN1 4JE

15) Visit The Beach


Well, I have to include some obvious tourist attractions in the list and this is easily one of the biggest attractions for Londoners wanting a day trip away.

The beach might be pebbles, meaning your feet will hurt a hell of a lot as you run towards the sea barefoot, but you can’t help but feel like you’re on a holiday when the sun is beating down in peak summer times and you jump the waves.

The main beach straight down Queen’s Road from the station does get pretty hectic, so I’d often recommend walking along toward’s Hove, where it can be a lot calmer.

16) Dine In An Igloo


The Coppa Club’s igloos have become one of the most popular foodie attractions in London, while I was delighted to see it had launched in Brighton, found in the Lanes.

Whether you’re looking for a great venue for a date, catching up with friends or celebrating a birthday, this is the perfect option, offering privacy and great tasting food.

Cost: Minimum spend of £25pp, can be reserved online

Address: 12 Brighton Square, BN1 1HD

17) Yoga In The Sky

One of the most relaxing activities you can give a try, the Yoga in the Sky takes place in the Brighton i360.

It takes pretty early in the morning, as you practice your downward facing dog 450 foot in the air. The stunning panoramic views are a great bonus, whether you’ve been up in the i360 or not.

The group are also incredibly friendly, with a great teacher who will walk you along through the moves, great for all skill levels (we were absolute beginners).

Cost: £29

Address: Lower Kings Road, BN1 2LN

18) Foodies Festival


Each year this has been held on Hove Lawns, however last year they moved to Preston Park, however I’m not sure if this is a permanent switch or a temporary change.

Either way, this is a must in our calendar, going every year for around 4 years now. You’ll see live music, a huge amount of food stands, small independent businesses selling their products and plenty of beverages available to get you a little tipsy.

This is hands down our favourite annual event in Brighton and is certainly worth checking out if you’ve never been before.

Cost: £12

Address: Preston Park, BN1 6SD

19) I360 Experience

brighton i360

Towering above the burned down pier is the i360, the tower that offers you great views of the town, from Preston park to the Pier and into Kemptown. The entire trip lasts 30 minutes, however remember to go toilet beforehand, as they don’t have one in place. Not the greatest, considering they have a bar on there.

Cost: £25

Address: Lower Kings Road, BN1 2LN

20) Colour Obstacle Rush


Taking on a giant assault course, including inflatables, space hoppers and a big party at the end, this is one of those bizarre ones I’ve only done once, but loved it.

When you buy your ticket, this will include some colour packs, you honestly don’t need much, they throw paint at you as you run around the course, so you’re coated in it by the end. You buy the paint so while listening to the music you can throw it up in the air.

I loved the course, especially the big slide at the end. It’s all quite spread out so you don’t feel squashed in at all, while it’s certainly a bit of a cardio session. It’s a good fun day out in the summer, so if you’re visiting around this time, it’s worth getting a ticket.

Cost: £34.90

Address: Brighton Racecourse, BN2 9XZ

21) Watch The Starling Birds


Whenever my dad visits, he always loves to take a picture or a video of the starling birds flying together in unison, making beautiful patterns in the sky.

If you can get a photo with the West Pier in front, that also makes for a great shot. They tend to fly around both piers, before heading off to the Marina. I’m not great at getting the timing right, but last time I saw them it was 4:30pm.

22) See A Show At The Dome Or Brighton Centre


The Dome is so much more spectacular, but for big acts, the Brighton Centre is a much bigger venue and will most likely host. The Dome was made famous by hosting Abba for Eurovision when they won.

You can find plenty of comedians playing at the Dome or Brighton Centre for the next 6 months, while I’ve managed to see Jimmy Carr, Russell Howard and Ricky Gervais here.

Cost: On average, about £30 depending on who you see

23) Volk’s Electric Railway


I’m sure I did this as a child, but I don’t remember going on it too well, but I always love walking past as it’s in action. Going from near the Pier up towards the Marina, the Volk’s Electric Railway is a classic Brighton scene.

A great quick activity for families, this will get the kids excited, while it can also make for a fun alternative way to get to Brighton Marina, where they can go bowling or to the cinema.

Cost: Adult single, £4.80. Adult return, £6.20. Child single, £3.00. Child return, £3.85. Senior single, £3.40. Senior return, £4.80.

Address: 285 Madeira Drive, BN2 1EN

24) Brighton Pride


Pride is an important time in the calendar, to celebrate equality and diversity and to show your support against discrimination towards the LGBTQ community.

Admittedly, nowadays most of the LGBTQ+ people I know are finding it a bit irritating as it’s just become a massive party for everyone, taking away the reasons why it was setup in the first place, which I completely understand.

You have the parade that goes through the city around 11am, starting at Hove Lawns, going along the seafront, up and along West Street and North Street, before heading towards London Road and ending in Preston Park.

The ‘main event’ is in Preston Park, but the crowds and queues are ridiculous, you spend about 20 mins waiting for a toilet, then 30 minutes waiting for the bar, it’s just too overcrowded.

The Pride Village Party is amazing though, found in Kemptown, on St James’s Street. Wristbands to enter were around £27.50, but the prices go up closer to the date you are.

25) The West Pier


I have briefly mentioned the West Pier, but I feel many tourists would see this as a must, so I wanted to highlight it separately.

The West Pier, designed by Eugenius Birch in 1866, was destroyed in an arson attack in 2003, while this was followed by a heavy storm that damaged the structure further, leaving it almost impossible to repair. There has been many bids to rebuild it, but the costs would be extremely large.

On the other hand, I find the derelict, dilapidated remains of the West Pier to be visually stunning, especially when sunsets behind it. It may never be repaired now, but it makes for a great view while relaxing on the beach, until it does finally completely collapse.

Address: Kings Road, BN1 2FL

26) Eat Some Fish & Chips


I personally would always go for a battered sausage and chips, but whatever you’d prefer, there are plenty of options in Brighton.

You could try BFC Fish & Chips, RYBKA, Lucky Beach Cafe, but my favourite is titled…Fish & Chips, based at 11 Ship street, hardly the most original names these places, I think they realised how to rank well on Google Local Maps.

Just be careful if eating them on the beach, the seagulls won’t attack you, but they will come close hoping that you’ll drop them and then they’ll fly in.

Cost: About £8-17

Address: The best one is maybe RYBKA, 41 Meeting House Lane, BN1 1HB

27) Bottomless Brunch


I’m almost nervous to recommend this, as it absolutely kills you off! I mean we could barely walk after doing this. There are a few different venues available, with my favourite being the Breakfast Club, however it gets really busy so make sure to book this in advance.

It costs £30 and you also have food included. Make sure to have a read of the best bottomless brunch in Brighton

Cost: £30

Address: For Breakfast Club, it’s 16 Market Street, BN1 1HH

28) Afternoon Tea On A Bus

afternoon tea bus brighton

I first experienced this in London and then on a blogger trip with Fizzbox in Brighton and loved both of them. You get a tour of the city while enjoying a scrumptious afternoon tea on the double decker bus.

You’ll be sat on the top floor of the Routemaster bus, with all seats set as a four seater with a table in the middle. They also have a wide selection of teas, but I opted for a latte. The finger sandwiches are incredible, as are the tasty desserts.

Cost: £50pp

29) See A Match At The Amex


When I first moved to Brighton, they were down the leagues struggling against the likes of Bolton Wanderers, oh how that has changed!

We’re now seeing some of the best performances ever in the club’s history, as the club goes from strength to strength. If you can book yourself a ticket, it’s certainly worth watching a Premier League match at the stunning stadium, a step up from where they were in Withdean just a few years ago.

Tickets can be hard to get, so if you know a season ticket holder, this might be your way in. 

Cost: £135

Address: AMEX stadium, Village Way, BN1 9BL

30) English’s Chef Off


Hosted by English’s of Brighton, the restaurant and oyster bar located in the Lanes, the English’s Chef Off is something I’ve attended a number of years in a row, where they pit off the best chef’s in the city against each other in the ultimate cook-off.

This is a great celebration of the best independent restaurants in the city, proving their culinary credentials, with approximately a hundred people gathered around to watch them in action.

Th event takes place over a single day, normally in May, however it was postponed due to Covid recently, so I’m hoping we might see it this time around.

Address: 29 East Street, BN1 1HL

31) Bowling


The Brighton Marina plays host to a number of fun activities, but my favourite is the Hollywood Bowl. You have an arcade at the front and some food venues along the side, but the main attraction is bowling.

The games always go so quickly, so make sure to book at least 2. You should also look to book in advance, as you may be disappointed if simply turning up on the weekend.

If you haven’t been to the Marina before, you can take a 7 bus there and back, or alternatively you can simply walk along the seafront, which offers some nice views.

Cost: £10.88pp per game

Address: Marina, BN2 5UT

32) Afternoon Tea

afternoon tea

There are a good few options available to you, considering the amount of hotels along the seafront, as well as bars now offering this option during the daytime. Who can say no to a macaron?

This should cost you around the £20-£25pp figure, however if you want to add an alcoholic beverage to the equation then this may increase, with many offering a prosecco option.

I’ve loved trying afternoon tea at Brown’s, the Grand and the Hilton, all of which I can highly recommend. There are a number of options which overlook the seafront, which add a picturesque aspect to the equation.

33) Choose The Tunes At Shuffle


Shuffle is a cocktail bar at 27 York Place, near London road, which opens at 5pm and shuts at midnight. But what makes this bar unique is that you’re in control of the music!

You can access the music playlist online via your phone and then add a tune to the list. This is brilliant if you’re with a group of mates with similar musical tastes. Also, if you head here on a Monday-Thursday, you can make the most of buy one get one free cocktails.

Address: 27 York Place, BN1 4GU

34) Mud Buggies


Time to admit something here, this isn’t directly located in Brighton, despite being advertised everywhere as a Brighton activity!

It is actually located in Redhill, but considering how quick it is to get there either by train or by car, I decided to include it. Largely because it is so much fun! Forget go-karting, I love mud buggies!

You have a great course to race your mates and it’s a lot more durable than go karts, meaning you can take on the wild adventure.

Cost: £50pp

Address: Honeycrock Farms, Redhill, RH1 5QL

35) Bubble Football


Well the Bubble Football World Cup came around quickly and it helped to spike interest in this spherical sport.

There are a couple of different locations for this sport, but you do have to head out of town a little bit, ideal if you have a car.

This game is great fun, while the person running your match will help to guide you through different games and activities. Also, for females, it is basically the same but called Bubble Mayhem, as they had requests to setup games which were less football focused largely for hen parties.

This is a great activity, but I have to admit, you do take a fair few knocks, I think my bubble days are all behind me now.

Cost: £25pp

Address: Longhill Leisure Centre, BN2 7FR

36) Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

brighton museum art gallery

Located in the Royal Pavilion gardens, the museum and art gallery are a great option if you want to embrace some culture. Most of the pieces, combining art and fashion, are from the 20th century.

It costs £9 for a entry, however I’ve also heard you can get in for free if you’re a local resident, so you just need to bring along proof of residency. This includes anyone living in the post code areas of BN1, BN2, BN3 and BN41.

Cost: £9 for adults, £4 for children

Address: Royal Pavilion Gardens, BN1 1EE

37) Footgolf

foot golf

Ever heard of this one? I had a match up in Falmer while on a business meeting, one of the oddest things I’ve done.

Imagine kicking a football into a golf hole, but the hole has been made larger to fit the football. I’m not a golf-kinda-guy, but this ticked every box for me.

I was captivated, however nearing the end it does get a little dull if you are all failing to keep track of scores.

Cost: £30pp

Address: Waterhall golf course, BN45 7DB

38) Stanmer Park


I actually wrote a list of the best parks in Brighton, of which Stanmer Park I placed second, due to the beautiful scenery over 464 acres of land.

Stanmer park is a great place to walk the dog or take the family, whether you’re outdoor fans or you just want somewhere to have a kick about. You should also keep your eye out for a bat!

I’ve also included this on my list of the best free things to do in Brighton which is worth a read if you’re looking to plan your trip on a shoestring budget.

Cost: Free

Address: Falmer, BN1 9RG

39) Churchill Square


If you need to do a spot of shopping on your visit to Brighton then Churchill Square is a great place to go. It doesn’t have the magic of either the Lanes or the North Laine, but it has all the big shops you would expect, such as H&M and Next.

There is also a food court at the top with all the big chains, so you can stop off for some lunch. The area gets quite busy around Churchill Square, while its central location also makes it a great meeting spot. Plus, the buses largely go through here to where ever you need to go.

Around Christmas time, they normally kit-out the middle like Santa’s Grotto, which is nice for families to visit, plus you’ll get to visit Santa. 

40) Cocktail Making


Whether it’s at Revs or a hotel, there are a number of places that offer this drink fuelled activity. The drinks you have to make aren’t exactly my favourites (who really loves a Woo Woo) but ask them when you book whether you can make a specific drink.

TGI Fridays does one in the Marina which is combined with a meal, so you can layer the stomach. If you don’t want to go that far out, the Joker on London road is another great option (also knows for the amazing chicken they serve).

Revolutions is the easiest for a big group to get to, being based on West Street, straight down towards the beach from the station, so nobody can get lost. You also have Rum Kitchen which is just down the road from here.

The prices for cocktail making tend to start at £30, however they can go up quite a bit, depending on what drinks you want, if you want something more unique and where you choose to have your masterclass.

41) Speed Boat Ride At The Marina

Ok, here is where I admit it was a bit more scary than I thought. Even more shameful, Raquel was having the time of her life and didn’t find it scary at all, so maybe I’m just getting old.

The speed boat ride can be booked on the day at Brighton Marina, from Lagoon Watersports. The ride lasted around 30 minutes, as they smash against waves, but be warned it will probably be off if the weather is too bad.

Just in case you need to know, they will be driving the boat, you’ll be sat at the back trying not to fall off. The cost was around £35pp, while there are also a number of other water sport options.

42) It’s A Knockout


Who could say no to an inflatable course?? This is a great challenge to take on with a group of friends, plus nobody is taking it to seriously (so don’t think Tough Mudder style).

The best part is if you do fall down, it is hard to hurt yourself on a bouncy castle assault course. If I had to pick one activity for my future stag do, this would be it! I just think it would be a brilliant day time activity before the drinks start flowing.

Having said that, it does mean it comes with a caution that you may be surrounded by hen and stag parties.

Cost: £50pp

43) Kemptown Carnival


This is not something I was aware of, despite living in Brighton for over a decade, but I moved to Kemptown and out of no-where this massive carnival started forming. For some reason, the rest of Brighton doesn’t seem to be aware of this event, maybe because it’s not commonly written about.

Due to the pandemic, this hasn’t happened since 2019, but I hope it will return now. Expect to see live performances, musicians galore, plus everyone partying in the streets.

Cost: Free

44) Wakeboarding

wake boarding

Based over in Hove, there is a giant Wakeboarding course. Tied up and pulled from a machine, you can learn the skills before hitting the open ocean and trying it for real.

Even if you have never tried before, they will be on-hand to offer you some guidance. Plus this is a great laugh during the summer, but you might need to check the weather beforehand.

Based at Hove Lagoon, it’s a nice walk along the seafront away from the cars, while they also teach sailing here, plus paddleboarding and windsurfing, so you might be able to tick off multiple activities in one trip (depending on the size of your wallet).

45) Explore The Open Market


The Open Market is based half way along London Road and is best to visit on the weekend, when a number of stalls are setup for local small businesses.

This isn’t a huge market, it will take you a very short time to get from one end to the other, but markets are always fun to visit when in a new city.

I’d recommend checking out Smorls, where you can get some Thunder garlic humous, which tastes incredible with falafels.

There is a Facebook page for Brighton Open Market where you can find out about all the upcoming events and market stands.

46) Chocolate Making


If you’re a chochy lover then this is the class for you. It’s both a chance to learn something educational while sneaking some tasty bits along the way.

Plus (obviously) you get to take the chocolate home afterwards, if you don’t eat it all right there. On this topic, if you love chocolate then it is worth checking out Choccy Woccy Doo Dah.

47) Bourbon Tasting

Forget cocktail making, it’s all about bourbon tasting now. From Makers Mark to Jim Beam, you will learn the subtle differences…Ah who am I kidding, you will get absolutely wasted. What more could you want from a birthday party. Which leads me nicely on to my next option.

48) Gin Tasting

gin tasting

Gin has been completely re-invented recently. Gin makers must be pinching themselves, as it switched from a 60 year old’s drink to a 21 year old’s.

Gin and Tonic seems to be the words on everyone’s lips the moment they get to the bar. This isn’t one for me, but who am I to judge. I can say the pub called the Office in the North Lanes is a gin bar with pretty much every brand under the sun.

49) Man Vs Food


Based in Yates (I know, classy), the man vs food challenge is an insane test of character, motivation and stomach size. It will leave you defeated and, quite frankly, rather sick feeling.

Is it wrong to say I have done it twice? The burger is giant beyond belief, while it is accompanied by chips (you can swap these up for sweet potato chips or curly fries).

50) Karaoke


You really have two choices available to you. You have Lucky Voice or Slam Star. Don’t get me wrong, there might be others hidden away, but these are the only two I know of and I like them both so I have to doth my cap.

The entry fee isn’t too bad, however they catch you on the drink prices. Is it wrong that I’d sneakily recommend bringing in some alcohol. but remember they have cameras so take a cheeky sip from your bag…I feel 18 and broke again writing this!

51) Binocular Football


OK, I’ve written this one down as it is a genuine option, but I’d strongly recommend against it. You feel sick and dizzy within 30 seconds therefore you largely don’t get more than a minute of action before you all give up.

It is funny for a bit of a laugh, but not worth going out of your way for. HOWEVER, the real reason I have included it is because it is at the same venues that offer bubble football, therefore you could double up and book both.

52) Escape Rooms

Escape rooms

I hope you have your thinking caps on, because this isn’t an easy one to crack! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a genius or a bit ditsy, this is just for a laugh and great done with a group of friends.

There are a huge number of escape rooms in Brighton, giving you one hour to escape by tackling a number of puzzles.

53) kayaking


I used to go kayaking all the time back in 2010, however it seems like a lifetime ago. Here is my hidden secret, tell them you are a student at Brighton University and part of the Extreme Sports Society and they should offer you a discount.

By ‘they’, you will see them along the seafront. You don’t need to book it in advance, as they are normally always available during the daytime.

54) Jedi Training

Jedi Training

Did you just hear me right? Oh yes, you did, I just said jedi training! You can learn the skills of the force, well kinda, with this bizarre sword fighting activity. The class lasts 2 hours and the instructor has some serious skills, albeit most attending are just flailing helplessly, but that adds to the laughter.

55) Nude Life Drawing

paper and pen

If you fancy something a bit cheeky, or you have an artistic flair, then this could be a slightly more skilful daytime activity. Plus you will have something to take home at the end of the day (the picture I mean, naughty).

The life models come in all different shapes and sizes and it is your job to read, analyse and portray those curves and bumps into a masterpiece, or a funny doodle.

56) Beach Volleyball

I’ve never given this a try myself, but along the seafront, towards Brighton Marina, you will find a huge number of beach volleyball courts setup.

The YelloWave sports venue charges £25 for the hour, but considering this is a group game, this should just work out as £1-2 per person for a few games.

They also have a café onsite for those that don’t want to join in.

57) Aquarium


I always feel reluctant to include something like an aquarium. I get excited before I go and then always feel a bit depressed as you look at these giant sea creatures trapped in little boxes.

I don’t want to put a dampener on it, but this is definitely more suited to children, as the conscience ways more heavily as you grow up. However, if you do decide to go, it is right next to the Pier.

58) Spa Day


Cucumber on the eyes, mud pack on the face, it’s time for a spa day! Well that might have been the most feminine comment I’ve ever made, but it is hard to say no to a bit of detox and relaxation.

We all get tempted to get wasted on our birthdays, but sometimes it just feels nicer to escape the real world and recover a bit, even if it is still followed by heavy drinking.

The Grand is a nice spot, as is Little Jasmin, which is the top rated on Tripadvisor at time of writing. I’m probably not the best person to ask about spa’s though!

59) Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting

This is one I haven’t actually ticked off, but I know it is offered in Brighton so it is on my personal Brighton Bucket List. You don’t have to be a silver shooter or an expert gun slinger to have a go, however your timing might have to be pretty top notch to hit those moving targets.

60) Devil’s Dyke

devils dyke

Whether you go for a walk or bike along the amazing views, Devil’s Dyke is an amazing place to go, plus it is just a short bus journey away. It is something you can do with the entire family or with a dog alongside, while it is also a good detox activity for the day after. Plus, there is a pub by the bus stop, I’m just saying.

61) Ghost Walk

ghost walk

For those that believe in ghosts, you might want to hear the twisted tales of how people were brutally murdered by serial killers of times gone by, who came back to haunt the town and to pass on a message to their loved ones. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, it offers you an opportunity to tour Brighton in a different way.

62) Sewage Tour


You heard me right. I went on a sewage tour of Brighton, which is setup and sold by Southern Water. You know, those guys we spend a fortune on every month. It’s one of those things which might sound bizarre, but it allows you to tick something off nobody else will have done. Just so you know, you don’t get poo on your hands, you are given gloves and it is completely safe.

63) Dance Class

dance class

Whether it’s the Single Ladies or Grease, there are so many options available. You can even try Bollywood if you fancy it. From gyms to hotel venues, there are almost too many locations offering this, while it also allows the group to learn some hysterical moves before the night out, which they can re-enact on the dance floor.

64) Minigolf

There are a few different spots to play minigolf in Brighton. Right alongside the Pier you have the Pirate Crazy Golf, which generally gets the most visits simply because it is close to some key tourist attractions.

If you carry on along the seafront towards the Marina, you will find the Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf Course, which I’ve played on a number of times with my family. The course is a bit bigger and they also have a café where you can get food and drink from (whether that’s a beer or a sit down sandwich for lunch).

If you carry on until you reach the Marina then you will find Globalls, which has a Jurassic and Tropicana theme, offering an inside glow in the dark golf course.

65) Casino


If you’re a fan of gambling then taking a cheeky flutter on your birthday might be a decent option. There are several casinos along the seafront, alongside the hotels, which offer it all, from poker games blackjack, to the big screens showing the boxing.

66) Watch A Movie On The Beach

Once a year, for around a month period, the Luna beach cinema is setup, where you can watch some classics including the likes of the Matrix or Shawshank Redemption.

You may not have got the chance to see it on the big screen when you were younger, so now you’ve got another chance, with the perfect scenic setting, providing it doesn’t rain.

Getting to Brighton from London

Brighton is an hour train journey from London, a journey I do on a weekly basis when visiting friends and family. I moved from Brighton to London in 2007, but the majority of people I know are still in London, so this is a journey I simply can’t escape.

The train will go from either London Bridge or Victoria. You need to be wary of slower trains, that stop off at a number of points, such as Wivelsfield, Preston Park and Hassocks, whereas the quicker train (Gatwick Express) only has a couple of stops.

Heading back to London, you’ll either want the train stating Victoria, Bedford or depending where you’re going, the Cambridge train can be useful.

If you’re going on the weekend or during off-peak times, then you should get the off-peak ticket (or super off-peak on the weekend), which is a considerable amount cheaper.

If you’re looking to save some money, you can also catch the National Express, which is the coach service, with comfy seats and most commonly going to London Victoria or directly to the airports.

Travelling Around Brighton

You can get to most corners of Brighton by simply walking, as it’s not a huge city. Hove is a relatively longer walk away, so if you’re heading there then you might want to jump on a bus or take the train over.

There are buses running throughout the city, while they come every couple of minutes, so they’re impeccably regular.

From Brighton station, it’s just a 15 minute walk to the beach, straight down Queen’s Road in front of the station. To get to the North Laine, you head down Trafalgar Street and then turn on Sydney Street.

If you want to go to the Marina, you can walk along the seafront or you can catch a bus directly from Brighton station.

You can also rent a bike in Brighton through an app, while they have them stationed throughout the city. Make sure to place them back exactly at one of the bike stops, as otherwise you will be charged for them to collect it.

We regularly use the bikes to cycle around town and along the seafront to Rottingdean or the Marina.

So was there anything I forgot that you feel should be included? Do let me know, as I’ll aim to keep this list updated with all the best activities and experiences in Brighton available.

Brighton Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re looking for some fun things to do in Brighton for your birthday, then a trip to the Marina can always be great fun.

People of all ages can have a great game of bowling, while the adults can order in drinks to your lane, but make sure to book it in advance and arrange a couple of games.

Cocktail making is a popular option, however you tend to need a minimum of 6-8 people to get this booking, otherwise it ends up being very expensive per person.

Another option for a bigger group of 6 people is an escape rooms, but you can do it in smaller groups if you don’t mind paying more per person.

If you’re in a smaller group, the long list of venues offering bottomless brunch in Brighton is incredible.

Brighton Kids Party Ideas

Just as above, the Marina offers some great opportunities, perfect for children’s parties, with a cinema, bowling alley and arcade area, with plenty of restaurants.

In town, you also have a laser quest, which is surprisingly good fun. The glow in the dark mini golf course and outside sea-front golf course will also keep a group happy for an hour or two.


  1. Michelle Zammit March 10, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    I had no idea that there so many fun things to do in Brighton. Love the idea of chocolate making and bourbon tasting, and I’d probably be up for the Man vs Food challenge, followed perhaps by a walk at Devil’s Dyke 😀

  2. Danila Caputo March 10, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    I will definitely have to bookmark this article to plan a few things for my loved ones! Hubby would be so in love with the Brighton zip, while mom for the afternoon tea… and it doesn’t cost as much as I thought! 10-15£ is SO cheap! Thanks for the nice tips!

  3. Fiona_M_Maclean March 10, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    I went to Sussex Uni in Falmer and know this area so well. I’d still be in favour of just hanging out on the beach with a bottle of wine (which is probably a kickback to my student days). I haven’t done the i360 but I know it has great reviews. You did miss a visit to the Pavillion – so OTT you can’t get bored

  4. Himanshu Barsainya March 12, 2018 at 5:09 pm

    It looks like Brighton is the best place to celebrate Birthday. I would like to do so many things like having an afternoon tea and then would love to spend a relaxing day watching the city from I360 tower. Chocolate making could be another nice way of learning something new on Birthday and I may end the day with a relaxing Spa.

  5. Ghia Lariza Lorenzo March 13, 2018 at 3:16 am

    Wow! Brighton has so much to offer! It is indeed a perfect birthday party idea, so so much to do. It is really a perfect way to celebrate your birthday here either with friends, family, and/ or a special loved one. Thanks for sharing this post, I really enjoyed reading it down.

  6. Claire March 13, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    Wow there really is something for everyone here!! To go from golf football to sewage tours and chocolate tasting I think you’ve got it all covered!! Personally the bottomless brunch and prosecco gets my vote!

  7. Efthimis Kragaris March 13, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    I can’t believe the variety of things offered in Brighton! I would pick the Jedi training, the Bubble football and the Ghost tour as my favorites from your list! Great job in finding secret gems for birthday parties!

  8. Lucy Williams March 13, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    This was a fun read as I’m from down the road in Chichester! I haven’t tried the new zip wire yet and I bet the views are good. The sewage tour and the ghost tour would be interesting too. Must go to Brighton again soon.

  9. megan_claire March 14, 2018 at 7:58 am

    I love Brighton! I spent a year in Haywards Heath, and we were always only a short train ride away, so spent many weekends here. Brighton zip wasn’t there back then though, so it would be cool to head back and see how the city has changed, and try these cool new things! Some bourbon tasting and chocolate making sounds like a great way to end a day after having taken to some mud buggies and bubble football! Really fun list of things to do!

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