In celebration of my dad’s 60th birthday, me, my dad, Liz, Joe and Teri all went up the Brighton i360, just a couple of weeks after its launch. It was quite exciting knowing we were going to be a few of the first people up there, however we luckily avoided all the breaks and issues that have plagued the Brighton attraction in the papers recently.
The views were stunning, while I could perfectly spot my flat from the pod.


Where is best to stand?

Most people rush over to the sea-facing point, looking out at the burned down pier. While this view is incredible, it is definitely the wrong place to stand, as the view of the burned down pier doesn’t change much regardless of how high you get, however on the other side of the pod you get views of the entirety of Brighton, something you definitely can’t spot from the ground level.

How long does it last?

I can’t actually remember, but I think it lasted 30 minutes. It felt like the exact right amount of time as there were no toilets, so any longer and there might have been an accident!

Why are there no toilets?

Someone asked me this, but I explained to them the difficulty of building a plumbing system into a lift would be incredible, therefore its something you simply can’t expect. There is a makeshift ‘toilet’ (a basked) they have in case of emergencies. However with all the breaks recently, plus the amount of alcohol people seemed to be drinking, I’m pretty sure it has been used multiple times already.

Should you go up if you have a fear of heights?

I have the greatest fear of heights you could ever imagine, yet it didn’t faze me at all. I think there are different levels, for example, if I was near the edge of a cliff and there were no safety barriers then I would be having heart palpitations. However I don’t get scared of the heights when I take off on a plane and I think its because you’re completely secure, without any real chance of falling out. This is exactly the case, so nothing to worry about.

Both my sisters backed out based on their fear of heights, but I reckon they missed out, so don’t do the same and look back with regret. Two of my biggest life regrets are around big experiences I could have had while travelling, yet backed out because of the fear of heights.

Would you do it again?

Probably, if the opportunity arose, but I would definitely recommend it. It was amazingly good fun and offered spectacular views of both piers. If you’re visiting Brighton for a holiday then this is an absolute must.

How much does it cost?

I think the prices vary based on whether you book in advance and whether you want to go during peak time, however it cost us around £13.50 per person, not a bad price for what you get. You also can get a discount price if you have a student card & kids go cheaper.

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