It has been rightly said that “If travelling was free, you would never see me again”. While traveling and going far to your dream destinations is the wish of many, unfortunately we do not have the genie and his lamp in our life to make our wish come true.

But there are some ways which can make your dreams come true such as you can try and win the jackpot lottery and earn millions of cash prizes.

So, whether you’re working on a tight budget or if you happen to be lucky enough to have won the lottery jackpot, we have collated America’s most expensive travel destinations.

1.      New York City

New York is the city which never sleeps. New York is the priciest city and it hasn’t only topped the list in America, but it also comes up high on the world’s most expensive locations.

New York is the home to many top tourist attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge. The city is graced by the presence of more than 50 million visitors annually, wowed by the diversity of culture you can witness.

Out of the various places in New York, Montauk topped the list of being the most costly summer destination. The per night hotel rate of stay in this island is $348, which is pretty damn high, but this location also treats its visitors with the closeness of nature.

According to Tripadvisor, the city is the second most popular city in the world to go on vacations in summer. The New York Times has quoted around 65.2 million people visiting Gotham City (all I hear is Batman when I read that line). If you plan to go there, As compared to Anaheim’s Disneyland, the per night hotel room rate in New York is $329.

If you do decide to visit, make sure to read my list of the best things to do in New York.

2.      California

We have seen so many people saying “I will never be too old for DISNEY” and I still watch DisneyPlus way too much. Disneyland is the dream land of many and, for those searching, Anaheim in California is the perfect opportunity for the tourists to visit.

This magical place witnesses more than 18 million visitors in a year and it does cost a lot. The stay alone in Anaheim is around $730 per person for an individual, along with estimating the per day hotel stay of $178 a night.

Wait, we haven’t touched on the price of Disneyland’s day pass, which is $129 per person on normal days, but shoots up to $149 at peak times.

3.      Alaska

When you think of roaming around the museums along with exploring the national parks with an adventurous tour of wildlife, then the place that should come to your mind is Anchorage in Alaska.

Like many other locations, it is better to visit this tourist spot in the summer time when the days are long and the time is temperature friendly, but the downside is it is going to be expensive. As per Alaska’s tourism bureau, the summer vacation can cost a single individual an amount worth about $3,000.

4.      Colorado

“When snow falls, nature listens”, so if you want to tune into nature, then Aspen, Colorado will be the ideal place for you. While the world goes on summer vacations, you can go on a winter trip to Aspen. With snow of around 200 inches between December and February, this is the ideal place to go and have fun with skiing and skateboarding.

This winter joy comes with a price of over $400 in per night, four-star hotel room bill along with the ski pass on mountains of around $299. But how can one keep the thought of having fun in snowy paradise out of mind?

5.      San Francisco

OK, technically this is another part of California, but it is worth highlighting as it was my most expensive experience in the USA.

“San Francisco has only one drawback – ’Tis hard to leave”, how can you read this quote, go to America and not visit San Francisco?

San Francisco is the ultimate US hot spot, not only for Tech on Silicon Valley, but also for key tourist attractions. This place hosts many attractive spots such as Golden Gate Bridge, which is the iconic suspension bridge connecting the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. You will find this place crowded irrespective of the season so plan your trip accordingly.

The hotel price for one day was $260 on average and the domestic fare rate was roughly $360.84, a number close to the national average.

I will end with this quote, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” We hope you tick that spot on the list, but we also would like you to stay informed on COVID. Currently, CDC has required all travellers to have a negative COVID test before they can fly to the US. The travel spending has declined due to lockdown and COVID restriction and so the hotel and flight fare.

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