It has been hard saying goodbye to holidays and staying in for virtually the entirety of 2020, away from my friends and family, however it has also pushed us to do more local based activities.

With the current government guidelines focusing on groups not going over 6 people, I thought it would be a pertinent time to highlight some activities you could consider for small groups. Even once this whole pandemic has calmed (hopefully soon), I’m sure this list will be useful for people looking for activities in Brighton.

I’d also recommend having a read of the best Brighton birthday party activities to try, which goes in depth with a large number of options.

1) Escape Rooms

Over the past 5 years, we have gone from 1 escape rooms to just under 10! The countries new mind boggling challenge is a firm favourite for groups visiting Brighton, while you can also pick one which matches the theme you’d love the most. These are also proving hugely popular for birthday parties as well, plus the max allowed in a room is normally 6-8 people, so no worries on numbers.

2) Komedia

I love a live stand up show more than almost any other form of night out, while Komedia plays host to a number of the best comedians in the country. They also have deals (check Groupon) where you can get really cheap tickets for two, including meals, all at a very good price. I should mention however, the food wasn’t very nice, but you’re going to have to eat something otherwise the drinks will flow a little quickly.

3) Crazy Golf

There are a couple of venues, one being along the seafront on the left of the Pier, while the other is at the Marina. The one at the Marina is based inside, so if you’re a little worried about this, you might want to opt for the seafront one (weather permitted). This is a great activity for families if you’re trying to entertain the little ones.

4) Upside Down House

This one will only keep you busy for 10 minutes at best, it’s more a one-off experience for some hilarious photos rather than a full day activity, but it is certainly one you should tick off. Ask the staff for guidance on what photos work best, as they’ve got experience of where you should stand for the most humerous shots.

5) Bottomless Brunch

The number of people in your group is down to you, while they’re still currently running. In fact, I’ve got a few booked for the next month, so you may see a couple of tipsy social posts very soon! There are around 15 different options to pick from in Brighton, with different lengths of times, different alcohol options and food menu items, so you can pick the one that works the best for you. You may want to have a read of my article or watch of my video on the Brighton Hilton bottomless brunch.

6) Afternoon Tea

Macaroons, finger sarnies and scones, what’s not to love? A large number of the hotels in Brighton host afternoon tea’s, as well as plenty of restaurants. You can even get an afternoon tea on a bus in Brighton which will allow you to combine a guided tour with some tasty treats.

7) Bubble Football

Sure, it might be exhausting, but bubble football in Brighton is a great activity, whether we’re talking the lads all together for a fun weekend out, a birthday party or even a stag or hen do. I’ve played myself a good few times, almost in double digits now, with plenty of venues available.

8) Table Tennis

One thing I have become a little addicted to during the pandemic has been playing table tennis with Raquel. They have free table tennis tables in Preston Park and the Marina, while I’m sure they have plenty more in other locations I’m not aware of. You do have to bring your own bats and balls, but they can easily fit into your rucksack.

9) Rockery

I’m including this one partly as I only became aware of it 4 months ago! Right alongside Preston Park is this beautiful little rockery, with a pond containing plenty of fish and frogs. You can follow the path and walk to the top of the Rockery, where you will have views of the entire city. It was such a beautiful area, it completely took me back and surprised me I had never been there after all this time.

10) Footgolf

A great outdoor activity which can be played in groups, the main location is up in Falmer on the golf course. They have larger holes for the footgolf games, which you can very easily book online. I certainly prefer this to actual golf as I have a slight chance of winning, albeit very low.

11) Bowling

Unless the rules have changed by the time I post this, you’re apparently still allowed to go bowling. I seriously miss bowling, it became a passion out of no where for me. I’m completely useless, but that doesn’t take away my love for the game. The Marina has a big bowling area, complete with an arcade, plus you can order Blue Moon directly to your lane.

12) Speed Boat Ride

There are a number of companies offering this at the Marina, along with a number of other water based activities, such as jet skiing and tours of the wind farm. We tried this a year ago for our birthdays, however Raquel is certainly a lot braver than me, my butt cheeks were clenched the entire time (TMI?).

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