Starting off my new video series, today I wanted to begin with a list of gift ideas you could buy a keen traveller or backpacker, with Christmas around the corner. These presents are all based on items I wish I had before I went off travelling.

10) Ear Plugs

This is a cheap gift, but it will be hugely appreciated. Hostels are a very loud place at night, so ear plugs can be an absolute saviour.



9) Journal

Whether you’re a blogger or a traveller, it is always good to have a journal to hand, to record all your favourite moments while they are fresh in the mind. Even if you prefer to use a laptop, there will be times when it runs out of battery and a journal is a lifesaver. Oh, for all my British friends, quick translation, a journal is a diary. I know that is obvious, but I don’t know where I picked up this Americanisation.



8) Plain T-Shirts

Don’t make the mistake of packing all of your favourite clothes, you end up binning or losing half of them. Instead, go for some nice, but plain t-shirts, that you wouldn’t feel upset about if you lost. I would also recommend avoiding grey colours, as these will show sweat patches.


7) Steripen

This is a great tool for sterilising water, especially handy when you don’t have access to bottled water. I should mention I’ve never bought one of these before, but I’ve been ill abroad through dodgy water more times than I’d like to admit. I was unconscious in Peru for almost 2 days after drinking dodgy water. I can’t imagine how bad it is in some areas of India, where I’ve heard some extreme stories.


6) Cosmetics Under 100ml

Travelling is an expensive experience, while all those travel size bottles can add up. Sun tan lotion in particular can be exceptionally pricey abroad. Find out what they don’t have in supply and offer to purchase them.


5) Travel Bag

I have used the same travel bag for six years and endless amounts of adventures, yet it is still in perfect condition. If you buy a decent backpack, then it should last a lifetime. Remember though, if you’re not trekking up mountains, then some of those extra facilities might be an unnecessary cost. Have a look through my guide on buying the right backpack.


4) Camera

This is an expensive gift, so it depends on your budget, however these could be the greatest moments of their lives and they will forever look at the photos with nostalgic joy, so they ought to be some good snaps. Seriously, I’m stuck working in an office full-time at the moment back here in Brighton and soon as those photos of my sandboarding in Huacachina popped up on the video I instantly felt like I was back out there!


3) Portable Battery Charger

When you’re stuck on an 18 hour coach journey, the last thing you want is your Kindle or phone to die. A portable battery charger can help save you from boredom, or revitalise your phone when you’re in unknown territory.


2) Kindle

I used to fill my bag up with heavy books and dragging them across a continent was causing severe damage to my back. The Kindle is such a revolutionary tool for book readers, while you can purchase more ebooks when using the hostel WiFi.


1) GoPro

I’m a massive fan of the GoPro, I can’t say enough about it. I’ve already talked about digital cameras, however the thing I love about the GoPro is you can strap it to your head. I’m not a big fan of selfies, so it kind of takes away that awkward feeling by being able to record outwards. You can strap it to your head, chest, arms, we also did mud buggying and we strapped it to the front of the kart, so it can work on virtually anything and it makes for amazing videos when you get home. I only just got one this year and it’s my biggest regret I didn’t get one a few years ago, so a GoPro has to be my number one thing to buy a traveller or backpacker.


I hope you enjoyed my Christmas gift guide, do let me know if you think I missed anything out.

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