Ever wondered what it is till to spend a day in an all-inclusive hotel? If you are a self-catering fan then read on to discover what an all-inclusive hotel could offer you. The easiest way to understand the benefits of an all-inclusive holiday is to see what you get on a daily basis. All-inclusive breaks tend to stick to a particular schedule, because food and drink are available at set times and you usually get three meals a day. It’s also interesting to see what you can enjoy in between meals and the sorts of activities you can get involved with.

This type of holiday may not be suited to everyone as some people like the flexibility of other holidays. However, all-inclusive holidays definitely have their perks. You can relax and enjoy your holiday without having to worry about food or spending extra money. You will be well catered for and can enjoy a wide range of benefits that come with having everything included. Here is what your day could look like:

9AM – Breakfast

Get up, get dressed and stroll down to breakfast. You will probably be able to tuck into a breakfast buffet with pastries, cereals, fresh fruit and local meats. Help yourself to tea, coffee or a soft drink to start the day. Eat as much as you need to get you ready for a day relaxing by the pool. Breakfasts at all-inclusive hotels are usually served between the hours of 8AM and 10AM, so you can choose when you want to wake up and have a hearty breakfast.

It’s worth going and talking to hotel staff or your holiday rep to see what activities are planned for the day. Some hotels also arrange excursions to local attractions and theme parks where they will pick you up and drop you off from the hotel, so you don’t have to arrange your own travel.

11AM – Relax by the pool or in the spa

Take a dip in the pool or walk down to the beach and swim in the sea. Or if your hotel has a gym you can fit in a quick workout before lunch. Some all-inclusive hotels organise activities for the kids and some for adults too. You could find yourself doing water aerobics or competing in a game of water polo with the other guests. There might be a spa on site where you can relax and recuperate, but you might have to pay extra for treatments.

1PM – Lunch

Head to the hotel restaurants for lunch where you can choose from a wide range of dishes. Some hotels have a few different restaurants serving different types of food. If you aren’t feeling that hungry simply grab a bar snack to keep you going. You might not even have to leave the poolside.

3PM – Ice cream, drinks and snacks

Feeling peckish? Get a free ice cream or snack from the bar.  Keep hydrated with free drinks and order from the comfort of your sun lounger, you don’t even have to lift a finger. You can also enjoy a few alcoholic beverages or cheeky cocktails.

6PM – Dinner

When early evening sets in you will probably be thinking about having dinner. All you have to do is walk back to your room to get ready and then head to the hotel restaurants. You don’t need to spend time thinking about where you are going to eat or how to travel to the local restaurants in town; your food is right on your doorstep. If you were on a self-catering holiday you might have to go out and buy some food and start making dinner for the whole family. You don’t have to worry about feeding everyone at an all-inclusive hotel as they will do it for you.

9PM – Entertainment and Drinks

After dinner you can stay at the hotel and begin the evening with a few drinks. Choose from the selection at the pool bar and get ready for the entertainment to begin. It is common for all-inclusive hotels to organise their own evening entertainment. They arrange entertainment such as local dancing, magic, quizzes and live bands. If you want to get an early night don’t worry about the noise as most entertainment will take place early in the evening. When the entertainment is over you can enjoy a few more drinks and socialise with other hotel guests.


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