As a Brighton local, I’ve been trying to review everything possible, especially while I’m not travelling the world (god I miss travelling). Today I want to discuss and review Shoosh, the bar and club along the sea front, which took over from Honey Club. The image it portrays vastly contrasts with the Honey club, since it had a 1 million pound transformation, however it has met this nicer image with more expensive prices on drinks.

This club fills up pretty quick and normally has a fairly lengthy queue, so make sure you arrive on time.


What To Expect

On a Saturday you can expect to pay around £7 for entry, not a bad price for weekend entry and cheaper than most of the other clubs along the sea front. This price will vary depending on what time you arrive however.

For student nights, they tend to run their big nights on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. This makes sense to me as Wednesday is sports society night, which takes place in Pryzm, so the other nights are available for other clubs.


Tuesday is their international student party, mainly playing hip hop and RnB, with a little bit of dubstep thrown in (I’d like a bit more dubstep and DnB personally). It is absolutely free entry if you arrive before midnight, or £3 after.

Thursday plays pretty much the same music, but it drops the dubstep for house (hence why I NEVER go on a Thursday). It’s also more expensive on this night, charging £3 before 11 and then normally doubling in price after.


Friday is £3 if you’re on guest list, or otherwise it is £5, a really good price for a Friday night. Only go if you like house music however, as I didn’t recognise a single tune the entire night, nor could I tell when one song started and the other finished. In fact, it sounded like one long song the entire night, not great! However, it is open till 5am, which I’m a big fan of, as I’ve normally still got energy by 3am and not ready to go home, so hats off to them for staying open later than most. Oh, in case I didn’t mention, the night is called Runways and has a Facebook page specifically for it.

Saturday is called Glam and they play a slightly more blended choice in tunes. It’s £7 entry regardless of when you arrive, however once again this isn’t a bad price for a club. Unfortunately it doesn’t stay open as late as on Friday, closing at 3am.





The Shoosh club is located relatively close to the pier. If you’re arriving at Brighton train station, walk straight down towards the beach, along Queens Road, past the clock tower and then keep going along West Street (the road with Pryzm, Whetherspoons and Yates). Keep going until you get to the seafront and then walk down the steps so you are on the pavement next to the stony beach. You then need to turn left and walk towards the pier for just under 5 minutes.
Google Shoosh Map

Address:  214 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 1NB

My Honest Review

I do enjoy this club, however my mates all have mixed opinions. The crowd tend to be a good laugh and it is great if you like hip hop style nights, while the late night entry is an instant winner for me. In my opinion, the late night opening is a million times better than Coalition’s one, however I’m outnumbered in that opinion by all my mates. It might be the D’n’B that plays that makes me love it!

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