I’ve travelled a fair amount throughout my life, however I reached the point a couple of years ago where I felt settled in Brighton and was happy to stay put and switch to holidays (albeit wild and dangerous as possible) over extended travel adventures. I was promoted to the head of marketing for The Stag Company and met myself a girl, therefore life has naturally brought me to the point that I’m actively considering saving for a mortgage. Hey, it was only a matter of time!

But this is why this competition appeals so personally to me! The Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks have offered a way out for one lucky person, who will get to live in one of the most expensive areas of London, completely for free for a whole year! However it doesn’t stop there, however much they save during the year, the bank will match and put towards a house deposit. Can you imagine how much money you could save in a year if you didn’t have to pay rent?!


So Where Do I Sign Up?

The competition will be on April 27th, at the Studio B store on Kensington High Street. You need to get there VERY early, as they are letting people in from 7am, however there might be a bit of a queue and there is a limit on places.


The first round is a knowledge based round, so get reading up on property questions. The top 9 will then go through to the final round, which will take place at midday, which will test them on their practical skills in gardening, DIY and cooking.

The event will have two celebrity presenters, in the shape of Amanda Lamb and Rick Edwards.

You can find out more about the competition here.

The Penthouse

Come on, this is what you really want to hear about, all the juicy details about this gorgeous apartment. It’s a one bed flat in Kensington Church Street (la de da), right next to High Street Kensington.


It’s a period building with one of those posh doors, I don’t know why that is such a strong selling point to me, but you don’t get them in Brighton so they seem almost Mary Poppins-esque.

There are built-in wardrobes, a reception room (because you know, who doesn’t have a reception room), a fully fitted open plan kitchen and a family size bathroom. The wooden floors give the whole flat a stylish feeling, a flat you will want to show off to friends and family.


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