I’ve previously written a guide on things to do in Brighton, however we wanted to focus purely on the Marina, as we find it such an interesting place to go when we’re bored of the city centre. Sure, it normally ends with a few too many Blue Moon’s, but why not have a few beers when venturing here.

I’ve tried to include as many ideas as possible that will cover all ages and group types, such as families, couples, stag & hen parties and birthdays.

1) Bowling

This was a favourite activity of mine when I was growing up, a regular birthday party idea, however I’ve found a new passion for bowling as an adult. You can book a couple of games and order food and drinks directly to your lanes. The Hollywood Bowl is part of the big building that has the arcade and a bar area.

Remember to book the lane in advance, I have turned up a couple of times to find it’s fully booked for a couple of hours, so it’s definitely worth visiting the website or calling beforehand.

You pay less per game if you book multiple games at once, so if you feel you’ll still have a hankering for a strike after 10 rounds, then it might be worth booking more than one. I normally feel two games is the ideal amount.

You can order food and drinks directly to your lane from the machine where you put in your names, which is brilliant, albeit it does take a while to get food delivered over, especially at peak times.

2) The Cinema

The Cineworld cinema is a lot bigger than the one in the centre of Brighton, offering both 2D and 3D viewings. There are 8 screens, showing all the big movies you can expect, while there is a huge parking area meaning you can drive up with the whole family.

The cinema is open 7 days a week, while there is something still special about watching a movie on the big screen, considering they all seem to come out instantly to various streaming channels. You don’t really need to book in advance, you can turn up on the day and buy a ticket.

They tend to have the first screening around 10am, while they run up around 8:30pm screenings (meaning shutting around 10:30-11pm).

3) Powerboating

I will openly admit something slightly embarrassing, this was a little bit more scary than I originally thought. Not because it goes so quick, but as you hit a wave you feel like you’re going to fly off.

OK, embarrassing admission over, this is an activity that many people I know have loved, costing around £37.50 per person. There are various other sailing and boat based activities and experiences that can be booked here, while most don’t need to be booked in advance, so you can turn up and book on the day.

4) Jet Ski

Found at Lagoon Watersports like the activity above, a jet ski ride will offer you the illusion of being somewhere a little more exotic than Brighton.

You often see all the jet skiers riding against the waves during the summer months near Brighton Pier. You can either ride with a tutor driving the jet ski, you can share one with a friend or have one for yourself, but the jet ski costs £135 per hour.

5) Table Tennis

There are a couple of table tennis tables on the outside area, near the Maidenhead Aquatics store, which are free to play. One counter point, you will need to bring along your own equipment, it’s not provided, but they are almost always available to use.

I’m not great at table tennis, but I love playing it, albeit it is awkward when people walk past and stop to watch.

For other non-pricey options, make sure to read my list of the best free things to do in Brighton.

6) Globalls

It seems like glow in the dark inside golf courses are appearing everywhere in the UK, a great fun activity for children and adults alike. You can also have a private booking for a party or for a corporate event.

Playing crazy golf was something we did growing up when visiting Brighton from London with my dad, while UV lighting certainly adds a unique twist. There is also a crazy golf course along the seafront, between Brighton Marina and the Pier (in fact, two courses along there).

They also have a cocktail bar with a funky UV themed setting at Brighton Marina, which is worth a visit after a game of golf.

7) Brighton Wind Farm

One benefit to having so many boats around, you can take a boat tour of the wind farms which surround the Brighton coastline. The entire tour takes around 3 hours, so make sure to go for a wee first.

You might want to bring some snacks with you, considering the length of time it takes, while it’s nice to enjoy a sandwich and some crisps while out at sea. The turbines stand an impressive 150 metres high, while they will look giant as you get up close to them.

They offer three departure times, being 9am, 12 or 3pm. They generally offer the activity just on the weekends, but they occasionally will do weekdays if they have enough bookings. You can also get a cheaper price bargained with them if you have a bigger group, so it pays off collecting your friends together for this.

8) Have A Drink

The Brighton Marina is a great location for a few drinks, whether looking out at the views or later on in the evening, however there aren’t any clubs around, so if you plan on staying out late, you will want to head back before too late.

The Wetherspoons offers beautiful views of the boats harboured, as does Malmaison. But perhaps our biggest hidden gem is the Master Mariner, tucked away from the main areas people visit, with a beer garden section allowing you to watch boats float by. The ‘beer garden’ is very small, just a couple of tables, so you do have to keep an eye out for them.

You can also enjoy a drink at TGI Fridays if you fancy some food with your beverages.

9) Play Games At The Arcade

Located at the Hollywood bowl, there are a huge number of games, good for all ages. Even as a grown up, it can be really fun to try and win tickets, even if the prizes you change them up for aren’t worth the investment.

On one side, they have the proper video games, like Time Crisis, while on the other end they have the ticket-winning games. Plus, you can’t visit a Brighton arcade without playing the 2p games.

10) Bike Rental

Utilising the Beryl BTN Bikes app, you can hire out the bikes dotted all over Sussex for surprisingly cheap. All along the seafront is a bike lane, away from the roads, meaning you can casually cycle all the way from Hove to Saltdean.

This is a great way to explore Brighton quickly, while it actually works out cheaper than taking the bus! They recently upgraded all the bikes, while they also have e-bikes now, at double the price.

You can also pay for a 2 day, 7 day or a 30 day pass so it costs less for each ride. This might work out if you plan on taking it to and from work or just fancy getting back into shape.

11) Visit A Spa

There are 3 spa’s in the Brighton marina, while it’s hard to say no to a good massage. I recently wrote an article on the best spa’s in Brighton, however I’m yet to visit one of the spa’s in the Marina.

Whether you fancy a massage or a beauty treatment, nothing is relaxing as visiting a spa. They generally open at 9am and shut around 5-6pm. Make sure to book a treatment in advance.

12) Thai Cooking Class

The Chilli Chicks Thai cooking class is a great option for anyone who loves eating Thai but would ideally like to learn how to make it themselves in their own kitchen.

This could be booked for a party, a corporate activity or simply while on your own. The class lasts around 2-3 hours long, while this can also be bought as a voucher for a birthday gift.

13) Volks Electric Railway

Running between Brighton Pier and Brighton Marina, this rail line along the beach only goes during Spring and Summer, so you will have to time your visit right, but it is a great activity for families, especially during good weather. This was actually the first public electric railway in the world!

The journey will take around 12 minutes, while if you want a round trip to take it straight back to the Pier then you should give yourself 30 minutes. Built by Magnus Volk (hence the name), they also have signs in the ‘station’ which explain the history of the railway system.

14) Casino

For those that love a flutter on a few games at the casino, then the Rendezvous casino is a popular option. This is also a popular spot if any big boxing matches are on, while there are plenty of blackjack and poker games in play.

How Do I Get To Brighton Marina?

You can quite easily drive to Brighton Marina, heading along the A259, set your SatNav to target BN2 5UT, with plenty of parking spaces available. Alternatively, I love to ride my bike along the seafront, which takes around 10 minutes from the centre of Brighton.

The main bus that will take you there and back to the centre of Brighton is the no.7. The bus runs every 6 minutes. When heading to the Marina, you should get off is either Seattle Hotel or Marina Cinema. On the way back, the bus stop is near the McDonald’s, which will take you all the way to George Street in Hove.

There are no closeby train stations, your closest bet is Brighton station and then taking a bus or a taxi/uber from there.

Can I Take My Dog Along Brighton Marina?

Yes and no. I’ve regularly taken a dog we looked after along to Brighton Marina and there are plenty of areas that are fine to take your pooch, but the main walkway along the boats doesn’t allow dogs.

The Master Mariner allows dogs, but the Wetherspoons doesn’t, so you know which one to go for! You can also have a read of my dog friendly weekend in Brighton if you want some ideas.

Can I Park At Brighton Marina?

Yes you can, there is a huge parking section which is free for up to 1,500 residents, but there are time limitations on it being free, which you will have to look up. Beyond the main parking area, you can park at Asda, but they only allow free parking for up to 3 hours.

How Far Is Brighton Pier From Marina?

You can easily walk along the seafront from Brighton Pier to the Marina in 35 minutes. Alternatively, you could hire a bike and get there in 10 minutes, depending on how quickly you cycle. It won’t actually be any quicker by car than biking, as the cycle route goes directly there, however you have to turn left on Arundel road, right onto Roedean road and then right again to Marina Way, which will take you down to the Marina.

I live next door to Brighton Pier so I’ve made this journey many times and it is a really nice walk or bike ride if it’s good weather.

How Old Is Brighton Marina?

They begun the construction of the Marina back in 1971 and it was opened in 1978, while they even had Queen Elizabeth II officially open it the following year in 1979. It looks very different nowadays, with many residential flats setup alongside all the boats, as well as plenty of bars and restaurants.

Can You Live On A Boat In Brighton Marina?

Yes you can, there are a large number of waterlodges and harboured boats which people live on all year round. Alternatively some people who have flats here also have a boat moored. If you’re interested in buying or renting a floating apartment then it is worth looking online as there were plenty available when I looked.

If you like learning about the area, you may want to have a look through my list of the best Brighton bloggers, as there are some great people out there posting about the best places to eat or hidden gems.

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