100 things to do before you die

Whether you were inspired by the YES man, felt like changing your life or have been touched by a travelling experience, we all have a set of goals and things we would love to achieve before we die. The most common experience on people’s list is to swim with dolphins, while a surprisingly large amount of people would love to swim with sharks (also on my list). Have a read through my list and see how many you have ticket off yourself, I’m on 48 so far. Even better, write your own list and send it through to me!

Below is my personal list of 100 things to do before you die…how many have you completed

  1. Tubing in Asia.
  2. Go zorbing.
  3. Scuba dive.
  4. Shoot a gun.
  5. See the Great Barrier Reef.
  6. Go zipwiring.
  7. Fly a helicopter/plane.
  8. Build a website.
  9. Drive a supercar.
  10. Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina.
  11. Go white water rafting.
  12. Ride a horse.
  13. Spend a night in an igloo village.
  14. See the Northern Lights.
  15. Go husky sledding.
  16. Learn to sail.
  17. Roadtrip across route 66.
  18. Learn to speak another language fluently.
  19. Attend a major sporting event.
  20. Climb a mountain.
  21. Drive along the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
  22. Drink too much at Oktoberfest.
  23. Drive on the autobahn.
  24. visit Halong Bay.
  25. Go on a safari.
  26. See a legendary musician.
  27. Walk on the Great wall of China.
  28. Ride an elephant.
  29. Swim alongside a sea turtle.
  30. Laugh the whole day at Edinburgh festival.
  31. Become the boss.
  32. Eat fondue.
  33. See the Giants causeway.
  34. Drink a Guinness in Dublin.
  35. Trek Machu Picchu.
  36. Ride a motorbike.
  37. Drive a quad bike.
  38. Jet ski.
  39. Learn to surf.
  40. Kayak a river/lake.
  41. Paintballing.
  42. Take a hot air balloon.
  43. Go karting.
  44. Shower under a waterfall.
  45. Stay on a remote island.
  46. See the Iguaza falls.
  47. Dance at Rio during Carnival.
  48. Spend New Years drinking Pina Colada’s abroad.
  49. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  50. Sleep under the stars.
  51. Spend Christmas in New York.
  52. Go Skiing.
  53. Make a video go viral.
  54. Act on a big stage or make a big presentation.
  55. Whale watching.
  56. Water Ski / Wakeboarding.
  57. Shark cage diving.
  58. See a glacier.
  59. Visit Stone Henge.
  60. Cheese rolling at Cooper’s Hill.
  61. Visit Tibet.
  62. Take a cruise.
  63. Do the tango in Argentina.
  64. Watch the World cup in the host country.
  65. Take a trip across the Amazon.
  66. bathe in a hot spring.
  67. Float in the dead sea.
  68. See an active volcano.
  69. Sleep in a haunted house or a castle.
  70. Go to New Zealand and see where Lord Of The Rings was set.
  71. Hug a koala bear.
  72. Swim with dolphins.
  73. Ride a camel across a desert.
  74. See a tiger up close.
  75. Go to a drive in movie.
  76. Find your way through Longleat hedge maze.
  77. Party in New Orleans through Mardi Gras.
  78. Ride an ostrich in Asia.
  79. Ride a gondola in Venice.
  80. Go to the Galapagos Islands.
  81. Visit Saxon Switzerland national park.
  82. Go travelling for more than 3 weeks.
  83. See the Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx.
  84. Spend all your money in Vegas.
  85. See the Taj Mahal.
  86. Eat at an undersea restaurant.
  87. Sing at a karaoke.
  88. Learn to bartend.
  89. Learn a form of martial arts.
  90. Spend Spring Break in Cancun.
  91. Swim a big distance.
  92. Do a big activity for charity.
  93. See the Colosseum.
  94. Visit O Cristo Redentor in Rio De Janerio.
  95. Go to Sydney opera house.
  96. Go to a full moon party in Thailand.
  97. Check out all the futuristic technology in Tokyo.
  98. Visit Easter Island.
  99. Learn to juggle.
  100. Fly a kite.


The Table

Post me your record so far at tom@spaghettitraveller.com and I will include your score below. I am only mid table so far, however hoping to catch up a bit over the next few months!

Name Score
Sidhartha Yalavarthi 68
John Ashfield 60
Amanda Till 58
Andrew Lervick 49
Maximilian Wurm 48
Clarissa 48
Simon Templeman 47
James Black 47
David Adams 47
Laurence Wright 45
Tom Bourlet (me) 44
Lydia-Jane Sparrow 43
Matthias Zaussinger 42
Ed Bateman 42
Faye Fletcher 41
Ross Matthews 41
Alberto Panhania 40
Patrick Schmidt 40
Morgan Riley 39
Niket Anjaria 38
Adrienne Schlatter 37
Cat Goulbourne 33
Christopher Barnard 32
Khan Tauseef 32
Kunal Sharma 32
Daniel Blackman 29
Elliot Gamble 29
Larry Thompson 29
Matt Daley 26
Joseph Deppeler 23
Nicola Howe 22
Lorenzo Fiorletta 21
Sebastien Duverger 19
Jessica Skusek 19
Miriam Indries 19
Chandler Garcia 18
Lee Davies 18
Quai Quidato 14
Katherine Mitchell 12
Conor Tierney 12


The number one spot is now held by John Ashfield, who also came out with extra recommendations:

I got to 60 but there were a number of others that I’ve done but in different locations!


Suggestions include:

– visit the 7 wonders of the ancient world (done)

– visit the Crusaders Castles in Syria (done)

– have an orgy (done)

– eat Japanese mixed Tempura followed by sushi with Saki (done)

– Play golf at a US or European or Asian Pro tour course (done, several times)

– Visit Machu Pichu

– White Water Raft the head of the Amazon”

I would like to quickly point out to John that it would be literally impossible for him to have seen the 7 ancient wonders of the world, as only one still exists (Pyramid of Giza). I do have to tip my hat to his orgy story though!



I recently also received some further suggestions from Lotte Garner. I would love to extend the list however for the moment I will place them below. Which ones have you completed?

  • Have a pet
  • Have children
  • Start a company
  • Build a house or a big structure
  • Eat in a Michelin Star Restaurant
  • Grow something weird or amazing
  • Go to an outdoor concert or a big opera
  • See Louvre, Museum of Metropolitan Art … or a big art exhibition like that.