• Visit Portugal – A Country Rife With Life

    If there was one way to describe this country, I’d say that it was ‘rife with life’, everything here emanates the aura of life itself, from its  rich culture and beautiful arts to its unrivalled enthusiastic passion for sports

  • The Paradise Islands – Balearic Islands

    Are you looking for a little piece of paradise? Somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, to relax in lush environments with but the sweet symphony of the sea to ease your mind into a soothed state of relaxation?

  • Yosemite National Park Travel Guide and Experiences

    Have a read about one of the most stunning National Park’s in the world!

  • Celebritoes

    We will be having a wee bit of fun and drawing a number of celebrities on our toes, if anyone else would like to join in, take a snap and send email it over and I will feature the photoegraphy on my site

Pryzm Brighton

Pryzm is the new name for the absolutely giant club in Brighton we all used to know as Oceana. During the week they have a number of student deals, especially on Wednesday’s, recognised as ‘Sports Night’, being the night all the societies take to town in all kinds of ridiculous fancy dress clothing. Over the […]

The Isle Of Fernando – Take Me Out Revealed

Anyone who has watched Take Me Out, the hilarious dating show presented by Paddy McGuinness will know once a date has been made, they are whisked off to the tropical ‘Isle Of Fernando‘. The real name of this location is never revealed on the show, all you see is a beautiful beach location, a stunning […]

The Royal Pavilion Tavern in Brighton

I will be heading abroad in a months time, so I thought I would focus the next month on places more close to home. My first Brighton based summer article for 2014 is on our beloved Royal Pavilion Tavern, of PavTav as we all know it, based on the end of North Street. This bar […]

5 Things To Do In Norway

I hope you have plenty in the bank account, as many are often surprised by the amount everything costs when in Norway, however the life experiences you will have will surely match the cost. This snowy country has one of the ‘highest rates of happiness’ in the world, with one of the lowest criminal records, […]

5 Signs You’re Officially A Traveller

Switching from those two week breaks to sunny Spain into 3 month breaks to the deepest parts of Asia or unheard of islands around the world inevitably changes you in ways which are hard to come back from. A two week holiday will never feel long again, you will learn how to wear the same […]

Things To Do In Sao Paulo

With the World Cup coming to Brazil this summer, tourism to Sao Paulo is sky rocketing. While I am a giant football fan, I felt it would be great to point out everything else you should do while on holiday in Sao Paulo. This is fast becoming an area to visit for backpackers along their treks to […]

10 Things To Do In Italy

I can’t believe I hadn’t written this article already, I had to go back through all my posts to make absolute certain. Italy is a beautiful country, with something for everyone, from beaches, natural beauty, football, food, fashion and everything else. I have written up the ulimate list of things to do in Italy, perfect […]

Most Amazing Images In The World

As well approach summer, we all get our bags packed to head off to Spain or Turkey, however maybe this summer you should consider those slightly further away locations, the untouched beauties of the world which you have probably never been to before. I have highlighted all of my favourite below.   Aogashima Volcano Aogashima […]

Top 5 Alcoholic Drinks I’ve Had Around The World

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had some good fun travelling round the world, trying out every local alcoholic delicacy I can find. From the scrumptious cocktails to the down right dirty shots, I have labelled some of the most interesting drinks I have drunk while travelling. Pisco Sours This was the number one drink […]

5 Health Tips For The Summer

As well as travelling and marketing, my next passion is health and fitness. I have always been slightly obsessed with this subject, however recently it has gone into overdrive, while I can’t even explain the amount of people I have met recently that have claimed they wanted to get into shape for summer, but haven’t […]