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  • Visit Portugal – A Country Rife With Life

    If there was one way to describe this country, I’d say that it was ‘rife with life’, everything here emanates the aura of life itself, from its  rich culture and beautiful arts to its unrivalled enthusiastic passion for sports

  • The Paradise Islands – Balearic Islands

    Are you looking for a little piece of paradise? Somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, to relax in lush environments with but the sweet symphony of the sea to ease your mind into a soothed state of relaxation?

  • Yosemite National Park Travel Guide and Experiences

    Have a read about one of the most stunning National Park’s in the world!

  • Celebritoes

    We will be having a wee bit of fun and drawing a number of celebrities on our toes, if anyone else would like to join in, take a snap and send email it over and I will feature the photoegraphy on my site

Places To Visit In England

Other than visiting me down in Brighton, there are plenty of other places you should try to visit while on holiday in England, from Stone Henge to all of the museums. Take a look through my list of the top sites in England. The Eden Project Based in Cornwall, an area I strongly recommend you […]

Teach English In China

Your Complete Guide One of the easiest way to finance travelling is to teach a language while abroad. While their are plenty of people in China that speak English fluently, they will pay premium for someone who’s first language is English. This can, in all honesty, be a bit awkward when you are earning more […]

Is It Still Safe To Travel To Turkey

There has been a huge amount of media attention surrounding Turkey since the Suruc bombing, where 28 people died. A further 100 people were wounded in the incident, so there is the inevitable fear which escalates whenever anything happens. If you are thinking of heading to Turkey in the next couple of months then read […]

12 Things To Do In Phuket

From the beautiful beaches to the breath taking sights, Phuket is a hugely popular destination for tourists across the world. But it isn’t until you see it for yourself do you realise exactly why this stunning island is such a hotspot for foreigners. Below is my complete list of things to do in Phuket, however […]

Seafield House Hotel in Hove – Brighton Review

A couple of weeks ago I booked myself in to the Seafield House Hotel in Hove for a couple of nights in June 2015. I had sent an email to the hotel previously to let them know I would be staying and that I would also be creating a write-up on my blog, so I got […]

Peter Joannou Male grooming

One of the top benefits of living in Brighton is the giant amount of local events, from the cinema that is setup every summer on the beach, to the absolute bizarre at the Fringe festival. On Friday 5th June I got an invitation to visit the Peter Joannou Male Grooming barbers, also known as the […]

Fire In Brighton – Gloucester Road

There has been another fire in Brighton. We were just watching from our office on Queen’s Road, then headed down to see what was going on. Fortunately the fireman were all there and attempting to put it out, but the fire was spreading very quickly! The fire was on the bottom of Gloucester Road, on […]

EE Kestrel Review

I bought an EE Kestrel in January 2015, while I now sit here on the 7th June 2015, debating how I could have made a worse choice! While I’ve never written about phones and I probably never will again, I thought it was important to share my experiences for anyone who is potentially considering purchasing […]

Peru Video Travel Guide

For the people who aren’t as fond of watching video’s, I have transcribed the video below: Welcome Hello, my name is Tom Bourlet and welcome to the start of my video series. Today I’m going to be talking about Peru, somewhere I went for a month in 2013. I loved every minute of it, It’s probably my […]

Travel Quotes

Are you heading off soon and feeling the buzz? Or trying to feel the motivation to book a round the world trip on your own? Or are you perhaps just hooked to the travel industry like me? Either way, hearing inspiring travel quotes definitely gets me excited and makes me want to see an untapped […]