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This East African nation is popular among tourists due to its vast wilderness hosting a huge set of animals, perfect for a safari trip. The Serengeti national park is the one you often see on David Attenborough documentaries, while you might also see Ruaha park or Lake Manyara park. Beyond this, it is also the country you head to if you are considering climbing Kilimanjaro, which every British celebrity seems to have done for charity within the past five years. What some people don’t know is this country also has some of the most exotic and gorgeous beaches in the entirety of Africa. The fact most people come here to see a safari shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, considering 30% of the entire nation is national parks. This is also why they are hot on poaching in the area, something they severely struggle with. But the biggest pull for tourists is a chance to watch the Great Migration, something I would love to do and in my personal list of things to do before you die. The Lake Tanganyika is also a breath taking sight, being the second largest in the world and somewhere you can see animals stopping for a drink and a wash.