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You can’t think of Belgium without thinking of their gorgeous chocolate, but there are so many other things to peak your interest. Throughout my travels, Belgians have been some of the most modest and kind people I have met. From the extraordinary Mannekin Pis to the St Bavo’s Cathedral, you will love this country. Technically, the name is the Kingdom of Belgium, but I doubt anyone will mind if you don’t say it the official way. The country is surrounded by four nations, including France, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, while the language is reflected in this close proximity. The Dutch language is spoken by the Flemish community, while a significant portion of the country also speak French or German, therefore if you plan on visiting you might need to brush up on your GCSE language skills. But don’t worry too much, people here are incredibly fluent at 3-5 languages, something that seems incomprehensible back here in the UK where we struggle to speak a single language. Fun fact for you: 97% of people in Belgium live in a city, the population are virtually all urban based. Much like a visit to the Czech Republic, Belgium is known for their beers and you should certainly make the most of them!