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The country that gave you Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mozart, their is a deep rich heritage in music and art in Austria. From Schonbrunn palace to Belvedere in Vienna, there is plenty to see and to keep you busy on a holiday to Austria. You can read my guide on things to do in Vienna or the best activities in Salzburg. There is a huge amount of rich history to this country that you can learn in the museums or from the people on the street. For example, the flag is one of the oldest in the world, plus the oldest zoo in the world. When you see how picturesque the views are, it will then come as no surprise that the first ever postcards were used here. I mean, who wouldn’t want a photo of the Austrian Alps. Inevitably, there is a strong interest in skiing in the area, so I will try to cover this as much as possible, but the reality is I still haven’t been skiing yet (guilty admission). I do however really fancy taking the trains along the mountain edge which look great. My list of things to do in Vienna is certainly a longer post, but it is such a crucial city to the country, with 25% of the nation living in this one area. Plus have a read of my Vienna blog posts and Salzburg blog posts.