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The home to hen parties, Benidorm has become a popular destination for Brits abroad, either for a short summer break or to look for a warmer place to retire. The bars are filled with retirees singing karaoke. Not the place you’d visit for a cultural experience, Benidorm boasts 1,000 bars and 200 night clubs. While most of the restaurants cater to the British, meaning chips and burgers, you should also try to enjoy the bounty of seafood they have right on their doorstep. Before the Brits arrived, this was a fishing village and you can still purchase fish from the market or find a great place to eat it out, however if you do visit a fish restaurant, ask them if they locally sourced the fish. There is an odd myth that circulates saying the sand was imported from Morocco, however I am here to debunk the myth, with it all 100% natural. There used to be a ban throughout Spain on bikinis on the beach, however this was lifted in Benidorm by the former mayor, which helped to increase popularity in the area as a tourist destination. If you go against the usual timings, you could visit during November when many festivals are celebrated in the area. Despite the wild reputation, it is a beautiful area and has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.