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This banana loving area of Spain is a great place for a summer holiday. No, that wasn’t a random mention of bananas, this is a huge export from the area, while they’ve also made a number of creative dishes, including a banana liquor. There are plenty of things to do in Gran Canaria, including the likes of Playa del Ingles, Las Canteras beach and Maspalomas Dunes. Also, if you do plan on travelling around a bit then I’d recommend reading my list of things to do in Spain. The Canary Islands are a beautiful part of Spain, while Gran Canaria has just short of a million residents. However there is a myth that is often spoken about the name, that it was named after the canary bird. This isn’t true however, with the believed story being that the word came from Latin for dog, something that travellers found in large quantities on the island. One alternative activity which is growing is wine tasting, with plenty of people heading to the vineyards of Gran Canaria for a tipple or five. There is also a desert which is an attractive option for those who love to explore, called the Maspalomas desert. An interesting fact about this desert is that it is blown largely from the Sahara in the wind. Inevitably, this also means there are plenty of great dune activities you can try, including sand boarding.