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Buddhism has a huge influence on the area of Kandy, with many festivals celebrated throughout the year. While the city name does sound like a dodgy film star from America, its old name was Senkadagalapura, however I feel relieved it has changed for the benefit of my ability to spell or pronounce that. If you plan on heading back to Colombo after this visit, have a read of my list of things to do in Colombo. Naturally, many people are eager to see the legendary Relic of the Tooth, with some beautiful stories to hear around this. The lake also makes for a great place to relax near and to have a picnic. If you do have a decent budget, then I would strongly recommend the Clingendael Boutique Hotel which offered a whole new level of luxury. Unsurprisingly considering how amazing the area is, Kandy has four UNESCO world heritage sites. Kandy should be on everyone’s Sri Lankan Itinerary and on everyone’s list of things to do before you die. You will also see plenty of animals, from monkeys to elephants, especially if you visit during the festival period. Considering the area is surrounded by mountains, there are plenty of tours available and anyone who loves to get off the beaten track will feel spoilt for choice.