This is something a lot of us struggle with. From living out of a bag, staying in a room of 15, making 30 new friends a day and seeing the most wonderful sights in the world, to sitting in an office, filing reports and returning to the mundane. It isn’t easy!

However, after several travelling trips, each time returning to an office job, I have begun to work out what needs to be done to feel at ease and not get an instant craving for travelling the moment you return home. Most of us suddenly miss the excitement we had while we were abroad, however follow the tips below and it should ease the pain, albeit the lust for travelling never truly leaves!

1) Try Out A Hobby

I tried salsa dancing while travelling and loved every minute of it. I only did it for one night, however it was amazing fun and I made about ten new friends in the club. However when I returned to Brighton, I easily found 3 clubs which had salsa classes, which had around 50 people attending each week! The classes were only £2 each time, an absolute bargain, while once you have completed two hours of the classes, it converts into the club, where it themes around salsa style. This means you’ve had your early practice and you can wow the people around you (or trip over in style).


2) Learn A Musical Instrument

Have a long think before jumping into an instrument, which one really inspires you. I considered a number before jumping in, but the one I thought was the absolute coolest was the saxophone, I will never be amazing at it, but that’s not why I’m learning, it gave me something to feel motivated about after travelling and it really worked. I was so excited every day about learning a new song. When I finally learn’t Baker Street, you should have seen the joy on my face!


3) Tick Off Domestic Items On Your To-Do List

Take a quick look over at my list of 100 things to do before you die for ideas. Not all of these have to be done abroad. Whether its sky diving, zorbing or white water rafting, they can all be done a lot closer to home, while the experience will stay with you forever. Until the money is well and truly back in the bank, these can be the little joys that keep you going until the next big adventure.

Also, which ever country you are in, try and tick off some of the domestic big trips, for example I still haven’t been to Stone Henge. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t heard great things about it, but it has to be done at some point!


4) Hit The Gym/Sport

This isn’t for everyone, but getting involved in a sport or hitting up the gym regularly is incredibly addictive. You mind becomes completely focused on it, as the thought of travelling eventually floats away from your mind. I have been going gym 3-4 times a week ever since I came back from South America and I’ve put on about 6kg, yet my fat body percentage is 8% lower than a year ago.

From the diet, to the workout programmes, the planning actually takes up a fair amount of time, so more you dedicate yourself, more you become motivated to reach greater results. Also, try and enter yourself for something, so you have a carrot at the end, such as a Spartan Race or a marathon.

OK, please don’t crucify me, the image is excruciatingly painful, but I wanted an image for each section, to show that I’m not just preaching and that I actually do these things I’m highlighting. So my apologies, this pic might be deleted from the post over time!

Working Out

5) Fancy Dress Nights

Going out to the same pubs/bars/clubs each week becomes repetitive and makes you crave something or somewhere a bit more exciting. It’s inevitable, when you go and do the exact same thing each week, you can’t help but think of those times you partied in a desert in Chile (or wherever you were).

However, it doesn’t have to feel repetitive. I have approximately 15 fancy dress costumes in my wardrobe! OK, that might be a bit extreme for some, but the point is you can make an average night legendary by sprucing it up a little. Dress up as something crazy and you will have banter with everyone around you. As people feel happy to approach you and talk in fancy dress, it begins to feel like that hostel feeling all over again.

Wolverine Costume


6) Plan Your Next Trip

Start planning your next trip straight away. Enquire around who might be interested (but don’t rely fully on them to still be interested in 12 months time). Start to find out prices and what most interests you. I would aim for a different continent to your past trip if I were you. You could even begin learning the language for the country you are interested in visiting.

Travelling The World

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