I attended BrightonSEO for what must be the eighth time of my life, since when it was just a handful of people, arriving with the team at Go-optimisation. While most posts I write are for people interested in visiting a specific area around the world, where I try my best to put up a bullet-proof in-depth guide offering advice on what to do, what to eat and what not to miss, I felt this would be an interesting post to make for other travel bloggers, as a way to remain at the front of technology and to keep up with everything SEO.

Pre-qualifying & Winning New Clients

First we have Tony Dimmock’s┬ápresentation on┬áPre-Qualifying and Winning New Clients. Tony led a brilliant talk in the main conference room around 5pm, while I enjoyed the soft football connections and digs at David Moyes on a personal level (I’m a fellow Liverpool Football club fan).

The Habits That Land You Links

Next we have Stacey Cavanagh’s talk on The Habits That Land You Links. Stacey also spoke in the main dome concert hall, just after the first break at about 11:30am.

SEO Auditing Checklists & Processes

I spent a lot of my time in the Studio Theatre and one of the best speakers in this room was Pete Handley, who talked on SEO auditing checklists and processes, as can be seen below. As nerdy as it sounds, I do quite enjoy working on a clients SEO audit, therefore listening to an audit checklist presentation was a great thrill for me…and with that I need a hard drink and to head out on the tiles while pretending not to be grown up for one more day!

I will continue to add slides to this page as they are released or as I find them. I hope you enjoy!

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