I’m not sure how much this spread around, but this was massive at Brighton University back in the day. Taking on a Christmas classic, this game got everyone beyond tipsy, so as always, I have to highlight that you must drink responsibly.

How Do You Play What’s This?

First, you need to setup something to play music, whether that’s a laptop, so everyone can see the screen, or a mobile, which is easier to setup quickly, however then you miss the video.

You can play the song on Spotify, or you can play the song with the video on YouTube. Type in ‘what’s This Nightmare Before Christmas’ and the song will come up.

Unlike the drinking game Roxanne, you will not need to split into two groups, you will all be drinking as one.

Every time you hear ‘what’s this’, the whole group have to drink.

What Will I Need?

  • Something to play music
  • Topped up drinks for everyone, as the game will move quickly
  • A group ready for a fast paced drinking game

How Many Times Is It Said?

It comes up 17 times (well, the last one is ‘what is this’, but that still counts). This is much less than Roxanne in that drinking game, however it is the pace at which they come near the start of the song.

Regularly stating the line twice in a row, it means you will have to double dip with your drinks, which is hilarious to watch, especially if someone doesn’t know the song!

What Is The Objective?

The main objective is to keep up drinking each time the line comes up. You will see a few people cheating, either skipping lines or not gulping down enough, while you can set out some forfeits for those that are caught out cheating.

What Are The Pros and Cons?

The pro is that this is a funny song and the game isn’t so commonly known, meaning it normally brings out a good few laughs. It also is a fast paced drinking game that gets everyone hyped up.

One clear negative is that the song is over in just a couple of minutes and it’s not really one of those games you can keep playing for an hour, so you will need a few games lined up.

The song also is very front-loaded with the lyrics, the line doesn’t come up so often in the second half of the song, meaning it feels like it fizzles out a little, but I’m sure you will be grateful for the break!

At the very least, this will inspire you to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas when you wake up with a hangover!

Also, if you’re having a drinking evening in and want to watch a movie, you can add drinking forfeits to this movie. For example, every time the mayor’s head spins, everyone has to take a shot, or every time someone says ‘Jack’.

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