For most people, December means a big build-up to Christmas, the tree goes up and stockings fill up. However for bloggers throughout the UK, it means the start of potentially something big, something which could take them to the next level. It’s the voting stage of the UK Blog Awards, running up until Christmas Eve this year.

We often feel awkward asking for people to vote for us, feeling slightly shy about pestering friends, family and followers to support us on this mission, however we decided this is the year we take it SERIOUS.

We have had an unbelievable year with the blog, travelling through Europe and into Sri Lanka and the Maldives. We have seen our Instagram followers double, we have set up ourselves on Tik Tok (my new addiction) and we have been to travel conferences galore.

We should find out the big news of the lucky 10 who make it to the finals on the 4th January, therefore our heart will be beating at full pace until then.

The judges will then look at the blog, the social channels and online presence to find the most resonant and engaging content creators in the UK. I’m honoured to be included in the initial selection process, but we will be competing against some absolutely unbelievable people, many who we have met at previous events and are the kindest and most down to earth people you could meet.

The judging process starts on the 14th January and will run until the 1st February, while we then have the long wait till the big evening event on April 12th.

This was just a short post to reach out to anyone we might have helped over the years or who has ever read an article on our site, if you get the chance, please do give us a vote on the UKblogawards.


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